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Here are 6 killer characteristics you need to become a high-level pitcher, and we'll teach you each one of them:

Pitch Like a Seasoned Veteran

The lessons you will be learning here are those that I've personally used to train many MLB professional pitchers.

Be a mastermind

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Take advantages

By teaching you the different approaches of a hitter I can show you how to learn to take advantages of otherwise unfavorable situations.

The science of pitching

Get a comprehensive knowledge of the science of pitching so you can learn to take command of the mound easier.

Fastball command

Perfect your fastball by learning how to properly grip the ball and mastering the different concepts of hitter zones.

Equip a new set of pitching arsenal

I'll teach you how to craft a strategic pitching plan that you can add to your current arsenal so that you become more unpredictable and efficient.

Enhance your Skills!

Here's what you can expect to to improve by finishing the course.

Learn how to pitch with Command

You will have learned to take control of your game by adding different pitching strategies to your arsenal while doubling down on your fundamentals.

Level up your baseball pitching IQ

Your pitching IQ will have improved greatly by getting insights on hitter's approaches from the lower-level leagues to the big leagues.

Who Is This Course For?


If you're just starting out and want a great headstart on the fundamentals of pitching, this one's for you.

High School/College Athletes

If your goal is to pitch at the next level, I'll show you the secrets I used to produce All-Star caliber pitchers at the Big League Levels.

Professional Athletes

If you're already a professional pitcher, this is an opportunity to take a deep dive into understanding hitters approaches and strategies to neutralize what hitters can and can’t do in any situation the game presents to you.

Find out why this course is for you!

If you are just starting out or are already well versed in pitching this is a great opportunity to learn more advanced concepts of pitching that I've personally tested and proven over the 30+ years that I've been working with different baseball athletes.

Don’t just take our word for it...

I've trained dozens of people both amatuers and professionals all around the world. Here's what they have to say:

“Meeting Hector Berrios was a life-changing experience that transformed me from a position player in Cuba to a Major League pitcher in September of 2019 with an increased velocity of 99/100 mph. Hector taught me everything about pitching from A to Z and I learned so much in such a short period of time."

Ronald Bolaños

Right-handed Pitcher San Diego Padres

“My fortunes completely changed when I started working with Hector and it wasn’t long before I landed a multimillion-dollar contract with the Cincinnati Reds. My experience in the United States did not get off to a good start. I was awarded the rookie of the year in the Cuban professional league and was ready to take my talents to the next level. "

Vladimir Gutierrez

Right-handed Pitcher Cincinnati Reds

“After being around Hector for four years, I haven’t seen anyone more dedicated to absorbing as much information possible and perfecting his craft. I’ve seen him, time and time again, take a kid who I thought had nothing on the ball except his hand, help him throw harder, repeat his delivery release point, and increase velocity, all the while retaining arm health. He has taken information from a lifetime of acquaintances and put it into use to become one of the best, if not the best I have ever seen. I have nothing but respect for this man. When he speaks, I listen.”

Pat Borders

17 years MLB catcher, 1992 World Series MVP, two-time World Series Champion, Toronto Blue Jays

“After working with Hector Berrios and applying the stuff in Unleash the Pitcher in You, I got back to the big leagues and saved 67 games at the AAA level (32 and 35) on back to back years. Back in 2014, I was up in the big leagues with the Atlanta Braves. I relied more on my secondary stuff to pitch because I couldn’t use my fastball effectively. Hector taught me how to become more efficient and I was better able to work my fastball. My direction to the plate and explosion of the lower half were two key factors for my success. I recommend Unleash the Pitcher in You to anyone who wants to take their pitching skills to the next level.”

Pedro Beato, Right-handed Pitcher Philadelphia Phillies

Here's a Little Sneak Peek of the Course

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By the End of This Course,

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Bonus 1:

Course certificate

You'll receive a complimentary digital certificate for having completed the HLB Pitching Course Volume 1

Bonus 2:

Access to the private FB group

You'll get exclusive access to a private FB group I created and the chance to meet other like-minded pitchers to connect with. This group will provide an avenue for discussion with a topic in the course you might be having trouble with or just anything related to pitching.

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You can start seeing results as soon as you finish each lesson. The course will teach you fundamentals of strategic plans on how to get hitters out as well as knowing what to do with each and every one of your fastballs in every quadrant count and all situations. Take your talent and turn it into a skill by enchancing your practice sessions with these techniques.

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